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Diviner Protocol Token (DPT)

DPT is the governance token in the Diviner Protocol Ecosystem, as well as the in-game rewards in our web game ecosystem. The token utilities are included but not limited to:
1) Staking reward: Stake DPT or LP token to earn additional token rewards.
2) Reward Share: portion of prediction rewards are shared to the losing users who hold DPT.
3) Buy back and Burn: portion of prediction rewards will be used to buy back and burn DPT.
4) Custom Predictions: Stake DPT to create their own custom prediction houses.
5) Game Assets: Buy Assets in Games with DPT to join the play-to-earn games and earn rewards.
6) Platform fees: Users will receive a 50% discount by paying in DPT.
7) DAO Governance: Stake DPT to join Governance of Diviner Protocol.
8) Diamond VIP : Stake DPT to become VIP and earn more privileges.
9) Launchpad: Stake DPT to achieve IDO allocations.
10) NFT: Buy NFTs with DPT to enjoy increasing farming speed, airdrops, revenue share, etc.


🔹 Network: Binance Smart Chain
🔹 Name: Diviner Protocol Token
🔹 Symbol: DPT
🔹 Decimals: 18
🔹 Contract address: 0xe69caef10a488d7af31da46c89154d025546e990


🔹 Coingecko
🔹 Dextool
🔹 Poocoin

Token Use Case

✅ Play Lossless Prediction
✅ Staking at Diviner Launchpad to get IGO allocation
✅ Staking at Pancakeswap