Diviner Protocol
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Play to Earn

In addition to lossless prediction, Diviner protocol will develop some other prediction games. More games can create more hype in the market, and consume/lock more DPT.
  • Crash: earn max. 100x reward if you predict the crash point correctly.
  • Super Leverage: open long/short position with 100-1000x leverage within 2 mins.
  • Bull or Bear: predict crypto asset price will go up or down in next 120 sec.
  • Spin: it allows users to earn big reward with small loss.
  • Lottery: enjoy tremendous reward pool through suitable prediction strategy.
  • Playtoearn: users can buy NFT characters to join battle games.
For those who may want to try some different games in addition to the prediction, they can join Diviner Play to earn. The gameplay of Diviner is generally as follows:
1) Gamers need to spend Tickets to participate in the games.
2) Gamers can earn more Tickets through join prediction or inviting friends to join Diviner games.
3) There is a ranking system, and the top 100 users can earn rewards, which are including but not limited to DPT tokens, airdrops from other sponsors, allocations of IDO, and exclusive NFTs.
4) Tickets can be used as principal to play the game, and the winning rewards can be withdrawn.
For example, Diviner is developing the “Crash” game. In the crash game, users can bet at the very beginning in 5 secs. Afterwards, the rocket will fly and users’ return will keep increasing. The users should predict the “crash point” correctly and quit, then they can earn the rewards. Otherwise, they will lose. The game can bring ultimate returns to users with limited loss (your principal). In this game, users can use the ticket as principal to join the game. If they don't have ticket, users must join with USDT or other crypto assets.
Diviner Crash Game
Diviner Protocol will be developing more mini prediction games for users to supercharge their rewards, more details will be announced soon! Please stay tuned!