Free to Predict, Predict to Earn

In the traditional prediction market, users are suffering different kinds of problems when they join the prediction events.

1) Principal loss: Winners will share the rewards from the principals of the losing users.

2) Low liquidity: Peer-to-Peer model will cause low liquidity for the prediction pools.

3) Less incentive: No additional rewards for users to join the prediction events.

4) Higher opportunity cost: The locked funds caused higher opportunity costs.

5) Less playability: No gamified strategies to improve the user experience.

To solve the problems, Diviner Protocol creatively combine prediction with gamification to provide lossless mechanism, better playability, consolidated liquidity, gamified strategies and NFT system. The gamified prediction with DeFi can solve the existing issues for prediction market, and bring tremendous benefits to both users and projects.

In a word, Diviner Protocol not only removes the penalties for those who lost in the predictions, but also provide users with diversified play2earn gaming ecosystem.

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