Initial Game Offering

The Launchpad on Diviner Protocol is dedicated to facilitate the development of gamefi and mateverse landscape. Startups can submit project information to apply for IGO (Initial Game Offering).

In the early stage, the Diviner team will serve as the main jury to evaluate the projects and decide whether to list their IGOs. After governance system is listed, the Community Vault will be established and DPT holders will be able to decide whether to list the IGO in the application through governance voting.

In addition to raising capitals for startups through IGO, Diviner Protocol can also provide them with advertising and promotion services in the game.

The tokens of startups will also be listed on Diviner Vault and gamers will be allowed to stake the tokens to earn Tickets. All listed startups will be required to pay marketing fees to Diviner Protocol, which will become part of revenue streams of the ecosystem.

The allocations of the IGO projects will be conditionally distributed to whitelisted users. Part of the whitelist will be allocated to eligible tokens stakers like users who stake DPT in the pool.

The other part of the whitelist is allocated to the users who participate in prediction and other games. They have active engagement and experience as GameFi users. Their participation will be helpful to the establishment of the project at early stage.

The IGO projects will announce soon, please stay tuned!

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