Diviner Protocol
IDO rules

Launchpad Tier model for IGO eligible

  • User can participant in launchpad with 2 ways:
+ Join Diviner staking pools to get allocation.
+ Whitelist campaign (depend on each IDO projects)
  • Minimum 50,000 tickets to get allocation.
  • You can get guaranteed IDO allocation on Diviner IGO Platform.
  • Refundable (depend on each IDO projects)
1 month
3 months
12 months
1 ticket
3.3 ticket
15 ticket
0.0028 LP
1 ticket
3.3 ticket
15 ticket
Example for allocation:
  • If I have 50k tickets, and there are total 1 million tickets, and total IDO amount is $100k. So your allocation:50000/1000000*$100k=$5000.
  • If you stake 1 DPT for 1month pool, you can get 1 ticket; If you stake 1 DPT for 3 month pool, you can get 3.3 ticket; if you stake 1 DPT for 12month pool, you can get 15 ticket. And your guaranteed allocation depends on the amount & the time you stake.
  • A stake 330 DPT for 1 month, and A gets 330*1=330 tickets; B stake 100 DPT for 3 months, and B gets 100*3.3=330 tickets; C stake 22 DPT for 12 month, and C gets 22*15=330 tickets.
  • As you can see, when you hold DPT longer, you can stake much less token amount but share the same IDO allocation. Also, you can get higher staking rewards when you hold token in long term.
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