Farm House

The “Farm house” includes staking, liquidity mining as well as different kinds of gamified strategies.
  • Integrate different partnered pools such as farming, vault, lending, etc.
  • “Buff” NFT: Users can use “Buff” NFT to increase mining efficiency;
  • “Debuff” NFT: Users can attach “Debuff” NFT to their friends to reduce their mining efficiency, and “Buff” NFT can offset this effect.
  • “Fox” NFT: “Fox” NFT can allow users to steal farming rewards from their friends.
  • “Watchdog” : “Dog” NFT can defend the reward steal.
In addition, Farm House will include Stake DPT-BNB LP to Earn DPT, and the rewards is depending on the TVL (USD). More details will announce soon! The Farming rules are as below:
1) All staked tokens will be converted to USDT to determine daily DPT Farm amount.
2) Users can stake DPT Single or LP token to earn DPT rewards; The more DPT you stake, the higher farming multiplier you can have.
3) DPT can be used to subscribe Mystery Boxes containing unique NFTs through the Smart Contract without withdrawing.
4) Gamers can only use DPT to buy NFT characters to join the Play-to-Earn Games.
4) DPT can be withdrawn any amount to a user's wallet.
5) Rewards are distributed proportionally to the tickets users hold.
6) Users can claim rewards after each prediction events.