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Market Strategy

Why Diviner Protocol can acquire users?
Diviner Protocol will implement the go-to-market strategy as below to acquire users at the very beginning from both users and project side:
1. From Users side : More incentives to attract more people to join prediction and games.
1)The lossless prediction game won’t hurt users’ principals, which can attract more organic users.
2) Users can get “tickets” during the prediction, which can be used as entrance and principal in other mini games. Also users can stake tickets to earn DPT rewards.
3) Multi-tier Referral program can incentive users to invite friends to join prediction.
2. From Project side : help new projects with IGO, support existing projects to increase holders and help them with accurate marketing.
1) Create gamified utility for project tokens by adding their token to the prediction staking pool, thus their users can stake the token to earn prediction rewards and tickets used in the mini games.
2) Gamified Marketing. Projects can sponsor the reward pool, and their tokens will be distributed to the most active gamers.