☯️Prediction House

Diviner lossless prediction

01 Key Features

1) The prediction house is the place where users can play lossless prediction games.

2) The more, the longer, the earlier you stake, the more rewards you will get.

3) Users are allowed to create custom prediction pools if they hold the exclusive NFTs.

4) Users can get tickets while joining the prediction, and tickets are the entrance and also can be used as principals for other mini games.

02 Game Logic

Step 1: Users select LONG or SHORT and deposit collateral assets to Diviner Vault.

Step 2: The principal assets will be supplied to partnered pools to generate stable interest.

Step 3: Claim reward. Redeem all tokens from the yield farming pool, and share the profits.

Step 4: The earlier, the longer, the more you stake, the more prizes you can share. The reward 
 share follows an non-linear mechanism.

Step 5: Compound. Uses’ profits can be used as the principal for next rounds.

03 Diviner Vault

Users stake collateral assets to Diviner Vault, and it will allocate users' funds to different pools for generating stable interests as prediction reward. With the goal of providing the highest reward pool for the prediction events, Diviner Vault is a set of optimized yield farming Smart Contracts that automatically seek the best yield for users.

While staking in the Diviner Vault, users can earn "Ticket" rewards in addition to the prediction reward pool. The "Ticket" has plenty of utilities in Diviner Protocol Ecosystem.

04 Ticket Utilities

1) When users join the prediction, they will get β€œtickets”. The ticket number depends on how much, and how long users stake funds on Diviner Vault.

2) Stake single token in the vault for 1 day can get ticket rewards.

3) Stake LP token in the vault can get double tickets.

4) After the prediction event is finished, we will calculate all tickets based on the above mechanism, and share the rewards accordingly. For example, if there are 10k tickets in the prediction round, and I get 100 tickets, and I win in the prediction, it means I can share 1% of the winning pool.

5) The tickets are the entrance and principal for Diviner Games, for example, Diviner is developing Classic Mini Games or Play-to-Earn games, and users need to spend tickets to join the games and earn rewards, including DPT, sponsor project tokens, IGO allocation, NFTs etc. Also, in some other prediction games, such as Crash, tickets can be used as principal to join the game.

05 Prediction Rules

1)The prediction reward will be settled weekly (7 days).

2) Users can join the prediction pool after it is alive. In order to generate stable maximum interest as prediction reward pool, users need to stake their funds during the prediction period.

3) Users can earn DPT reward while staking in the Diviner Vault.

4) Users can earn β€œtickets” while staking in the prediction.

5) 80% of the rewards share to winners, 10% of the rewards will be distributed to the losing users who stake DPT via lottery system, 10% of the rewards will be used to buy back and burn DPT.

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