Diviner Protocol

Revenue Stream

Diviner Protocol will make a metaverse to redefine the prediction market, where new features and games will be introduced over time. The main revenue streams of Diviner Protocol are spread over prediction rewards, game revenue, Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) , ads and marketing fees, NFT item sales, etc. We will have more in-game items of NFT for sales as additional revenue in the future. All the revenue will be used to share to DPT stakers and repurchase & burn DPT.
1) Prediction reward: part of the prediction rewards will be used to share to DPT holders and buy back DPT and burn.
2) Game Revenue: Diviner Protocol will build mini-games in addition to the lossless prediction, and the game revenue will be shared to DPT holders.
3) Launchpad: Diviner Protocol will charge some fees for listed IDO projects, and fees will be shared to all DPT holders.
4) NFT sales: The in-game NFT sales revenue will be shared to DPT holders and buy back DPT from secondary market and burn.
5) Gamified marketing service: projects need to pay fees if they want to list on the Diviner Vault, and their users can stake their tokens to earn Tickets. Then the users can use ticket to join game and earn rewards.
6) To be continued...