📔NFT system

We have seen that many crypto projects have used Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the GameFi field. In the Diviner ecosystem and business model, NFT will also play a very important role.

Diviner Protocol will launch NFT sales after IDO completes, and the Diviner NFTs have great utilities in the metaverse ecosystem.

1) Game NFT: users need to buy the characters to join Play-to-Earn games and earn rewards while playing the games.

2) Farm NFT: The NFTs can allow users to boost mining speed, steal rewards from friends, and have more gamified strategies during farming.

3) Launchpad NFT: users can get more IGO allocation weight while staking the NFTs.

4) Airdrop: NFTs will give users the chance to claim DPT and NFT airdrops.

5) Stake to Earn: stake NFTs to earn DPT and other token rewards.

6) More features about NFTs are coming soon!

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