Diviner Protocol


How Diviner Protocol solves the problem in prediction market
Diviner Protocol will upgrade the traditional prediction features with DeFi, which can bring users the lossless prediction experience.It has all features as the traditional platforms, but it will be gathered all in a game, so that users have much better experience.
Users stake funds to Diviner Vault which will allocate funds to different high APY protocols with specific algorithm, and the yield rewards will be taken as reward pool. Thus, there is no principal loss in the prediction events, and users can supercharge their yields with prediction skills. We allow users to create custom “prediction houses” by holding exclusive NFTs.
In addition to the lossless prediction market, Diviner Protocol will also bring up all kinds of mini play2earn games, such as crash, superleverage, bull or bear, treasure boxes, spin, lottery, etc to enhance the user addictiveness, and meet their diversified requirements. Also, the games can make prediction much more better playable.
The following documentation will now describe the Diviner Protocol vision and highlight how we intend to solve these problems.
Last modified 2yr ago